Title: Cloud to half-height
Year: 2012-2015
Materials: Light bulbs, glass, glassine paper and steel cables;
Size: Variable dimensions.
Artist’s collection.
José Bechara

Cloud to half-height

Nuvem para Meia-Altura [Half-Height Cloud], held in 2015 for the “Squares and Patterns” exhibition at the Ludwig Museum in Koblenz, Germany, is a large installation by artist José Bechara in the lobby of Villa Aymoré’s first house. Through the composition in glass, lamps, glassine paper and steel cables, the artist unites different materialities that make a game between transparency and opacity, weight and lightness. The work invites us to look at its ends and dialogue with its refractions and reflections, just as light gives way to doubt in its path and rebounds in different ways. In this way, the artist allows us to realize a child’s dream: to ascend to the heavens and take for himself a small piece of the clouds, which fit between two sheets of glass.

Bechara is a 1990’s generation artist, having studied at the Parque Lage School of Visual Arts (EAV). He held exhibitions at the Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Art (MAM-RJ), the Ludwig Museum, Germany, among other institutions. His works are in collections and collections such as Gilberto Chateaubriand, of MAM-RJ, the collection of the Museum of Latin American Art of the United States, the collection of Center Pompidou, in France, etc. Granted to Villa in June 2016, The work is part of the series of paintings / glass sculptures that have been accompanying the artist’s production since 2010. Through them, Bechara broadens the field of painting and transposes it into the spatial domain, exploring different textures. and refractions that other materialities can provide and still face the absolute void placed by the transparency of the glasses.


Translated from: Lucas Albuquerque

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