Interflows: Collapse as Perspective

Anita Sobar, Denise Adams, Diana Kolker, Não Fui Eu, Karen Aquini, Lívia Moura

Dates:  02/06 – 28/06

Artists: Anita Sobar, Denise Adams, Diana Kolker, Não Fui Eu, Karen Aquini, Lívia Moura

Organization: Luiz Guilherme Vergara

Local: Jacarandá


Interflows: Collapse as Perspective

A traveller, a monk, was passing through a village. He arrived at the door of a farmer who did not spare him any change. The monk was falling hungrily, and said: I’ll see if I make a stone soup! And he picked up a stone from the ground, shook the earth, and looked at it, to see if it was good for a broth. The people in the house laughed at the friar and that memory. The friar asked, “Have you never eaten stone broth? It’s a good thing.” They said: “We always want to see this!” That’s what the friar wanted to hear. After he had washed the stone, he asked: “If only you lend me a pot.” They gave him a clay pot. He filled it with water and set the stone into the bottom of it. Now, if you let me set the pot over the flames. They did. As soon as the pan began to sizzle, he said: “With a little lard, the broth would be exquisite!” They fetched him a piece of toast. It boiled, and the people in the house were stunned by what I saw. The friar said, tasting the broth: It’s a little bland. “Well, I needed a little salt.” They also gave him the salt. He seasoned, tasted and said: Now, with some cabbage, the broth would even keep the angels eating!
The owner of the house went to the garden and brought the monk two cabbages. The friar cleaned them and ripped them with his fingers, laying the leaves in the pan. When the vegetables were already cooked, said the friar, “Ah, a little chunk of chorizo, it would give it grace.” They brought him a piece of chorizo. He put it in the pan and, as he baked, he took a piece of bread from his bag and arranged himself to eat slowly. The broth smelled like it was from the heavens. He ate and licked his lips. After the pot was poured, the stone lay in the bottom. The people of the house, who had eyes on him, asked: “Hey friar, then the stone? The monk replied, “I’ll wash the stone and I take it with me for another time.

Special thanks to the Jacaranda Space, the collaboration network with the PIPA Prize, dotART Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art and Espaço Vazio.