Between Colapse and Construction

PIPA Institute

Dates: 08/12 – 03/02/2019

Artists: Berna Reale, Gaio Matos, Luciana Magno, Luiz D’Orey, Paulo Nimer Pjota, Rodrigo Braga and Tatiana Blass

Curation: Luiz Camillo Osorio

Location: Galeria Aymoré – Claraboia


Between Collapse and Construction

This exhibition of works from the PIPA Institute seeks to engage with the intervention by Henrique Oliveira here in Villa Aymoré. The works are by artists of the same generation who work indirectly with elements present in his poetics. Using different materials and languages, they explore the dialectic between construction and precariousness that is so striking in our contemporary world.

One has to build: we remain committed to the construction of the world even though we know that nothing remains standing for long. Between rubbish and luxury, waste and good intentions remain; there is a lack of scale and permanence. The immediatism of our accelerated sensibility is invested in the obsolete; everything becomes trash before being vital. Between sculpture and the home, we have to reinvent habitation, care, new ways of living with time.

The monumental work by Henrique Oliveira here in Villa Aymoré, commissioned by the PIPA Institute, is his first permanent site-specific intervention undertaken in Brazil. Dislocating the architectural space, transforming the stairs into sculpture and the sculpture into a means of movement, his piece intensifies our experience of space, simultaneously producing a sense of strangeness and belonging.