Cá Entre Nós - Between Us

Analu Cunha, Brígida Baltar, Carla Guagliardi, Eduardo Coimbra, João Modé, Marcia Thompson, Marcos Chaves, Raul Mourão e Ricardo Basbaum.

Dates: 05/07/2017 – 29/07/2017

Artists: Analu Cunha, Brígida Baltar, Carla Guagliardi, Eduardo Coimbra, João Modé, Marcia Thompson, Marcos Chaves, Raul Mourão e Ricardo Basbaum.

Organization: Paula Terra-Neale

Local: Aymoré Gallery


Cá Entre Nós - Between Us

Cá Entre Nós [Between Us] is an art show of nine Rio artists with mature and recognized work: Brígida Baltar, Ricardo Basbaum, Marcos Chaves, Eduardo Coimbra, Analu Cunha, Carla Guagliardi, João Modé, Raul Mourão and Márcia Thompson. The exhibition portrays some of their work from the nineties and some of their current work.

The show aims to bring together a group of artists who represent Carioca Art and the generation of the 90s. They took up conceptual art and minimalism with a more humanitarian bias: expressive, political, psychological and experimental – in return to the precepts of 70s art. Just as the Neo-Concretes were for the Concretes, this group contrasted the expressive painting of the 80s with mainly conceptual art. And, in the case of Márcia Thompson, with conceptual painting.

The curator Paula Terra, together with Glória Ferreira, organized a large exhibition, Situations: Brazilian Art of 1970s, about this conceptual and political production, at the Casa França- Brasil. The exhibition received the critics’ award of best show of the year. She also aims to to prepare a retrospective of Visorama, a group in which they all acted and some were founding members when they lived in Rio in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Between Us takes place in the beautiful Villa Aymoré, hamlet of old restored houses in Glória (where Jacarandá is). The show will be open in July, free of charge to everyone, as part of the Villa Aymoré and Terra-Arte in Rio -programme, that includes videos, installations, sculptures, photographs, paintings and objects.

Artists of Cá Entre Nós work and are friends since the 80’s and early 90’s. At that point in time, they were still very young and learning about contemporary art production through foreign magazines, in which they photographed, and formal and casual study groups where they analyzed slides brought by everyone. This lasted some 3 to 4 years. They are not only art producers, but they are also specialists in art, acting as artists, researchers, professors, magazine editors as well as creators of spaces, exhibitions and events – being vehicles for the promotion of contemporary Brazilian art in Rio, in Brazil and in the world.

Between Us is a show that has character of experimental curatorial research with very solid historical foundations but it also has a strong drive for life. This honors the field of art production that is permeated by bonds and affection, by rich existential exchanges of meaning. The situation the artists experience in art, in art in Rio and in contemporary art, often with great precariousness of means and resources, gives rise to opposition of potent and powerful art, impregnated with critical sense as well as experimental, sensorial and intellectual propositions surpassing all the limits that reality imposes on us. Regardless of this, you also want to change the limiting condition.

The realization of the exhibition was only possible with the joint effort and support of the space, the gallery, the artists, the architects, the designers, and all the Carioca friends who work in art and who want to collaborate with Terra-Arte to show the wealth of life, experiences and ideas that contemporary Brazilian art has been offering to the world.