Lost and found

Berna Reale, Cadu, Luciana Magno, Paulo Nazareth, Paulo Nimer Pjota e Rodrigo Braga

Dates: 28/05 – 25/08

Artists: Berna Reale, Marco Antonio Portela, Paulo Nazareth, Shima e Virginia de Medeiros

Exposição de acervo do Instituto PIPA


Lost and found

Everything today is construction and image circulation. On the one hand, there is a restless need to turn ourselves into desirable products – professionally, affectively, politically. On the other hand, a libertarian aspiration to recreate ourselves without following previous models of normality. In other words: we are both merchandise and fabulation, subject and object, product and process.

It is unquestionable that we are all tired of so much representation. The fixed identities that defined what was good and normal are barely seductive anymore, even though there is a need to affirm historically marginalised identities. In the exhaustion of identity, seeking to displace models and images is part of the inherent politics of the arts.

The artists featured here work with images of themselves that go against narcissism. They seek to invent unlikely roles, multiply social references, and mislead our ability to recognise, classify and, consequently, exclude. Being many and being with others is an ethical imperative in this world of transits and inequalities. This is the common thread between the photos and videos of Berna Reale, Marco Antonio Portela, Paulo Nazareth, Shima and Virginia de Medeiros.

Luiz Camillo Osorio