The spaces of Villa Aymoré work through varying lease contracts, where the offices range from 60 to 600m2. The co-working hub NEX also operates in the Villa Aymoré, creating a great meeting and networking centre.

Make it yours

We seek to create an environment that is more than simply a pleasant workplace, never seen in Rio. Villa Aymoré aims to create a different proposal for creative and intellectual sectors where the environment makes a difference to your business. With two art galleries, a coworking space and a café, the office goes beyond a simple setup of rooms.

Founded in 2010 in Rio de Janeiro, Landmark Properties focuses on investments in unique and historic buildings. It seeks to return part of building’s heritage to the city, through the process of renovation and repurpose.

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Nex is a co-working company that seeks to create connections and generate content. In addition to the office spaces, they also have a program of lectures and workshops focusing on entrepreneurship, lifestyle and ways to adapt to the world through education, information and entertainment.

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