Title: Forced Approach

Year: 2018

Materials: Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 194 x 290 cm

André Griffo

Forced Approach

The work by the artist André Griffo was acquired by the PIPA Institute and composes one of Villa Aymoré’s spaces. The screen brings together architecture and religious and artistic signs, creating a reflection between memory and social tensions in Brazil. Along the sidewalls of the architectural building depicted, it is possible to see well-worn Catholic paintings of sacred art, contrasting with the preserved structure of the space and the elements of African rooted religions in the middle of the picture. There are herbs, ritual objects (crockery, small rooms), small images of buildings and Baroque art, and a dead animal on the ground indicating that a religious action has taken place in space.

Among the symbols on the central wall, the images that refer to Baroque art and architecture create a relationship between the elements of the painting and the history of Brazilian religious syncretism. In a video to the PIPA Prize, Griffo points out that this historical fact is commonly seen from a “romantic” standpoint when in fact it is “total domination of the peoples who came from Africa.” The symbolic composition made by the artist is vast and allows us to make different associations and reflections, including a discreet invitation to abstraction that he himself wrote on the canvas.

André Griffo is an artist born in Barra Mansa, RJ, who lives in Rio de Janeiro. He holds a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from Santa Úrsula University (RJ), and has been engaged in Visual Arts since 2009. Among the solo exhibitions, we highlight: “Objects on Worn Architecture” (2017), São Paulo Cultural Center; “Outstanding interventions in mixed structures” (2015), Palácio das Artes, BH; “Commando” (2013), by the notice of occupation of the Fernanda Perracini Milani Art Gallery, Jundiaí City Hall, SP. Group Exhibitions: “To the Love of the Public I – Donations from ArtRio (2012-2015) and MinC / Funarte” (2016), Rio Art Museum (MAR), RJ; “Stable Instability” (2014), curated by Juliana Gontijo, Paço das Artes, SP. In 2013 she was a scholarship student in the Deepening Program of the Parque Lage School of Visual Arts, taught by teachers Anna Bella Geiger, Fernando Cocchiarale and Marcelo Campos. André Griffo was nominated for the PIPA Award in 2014, 2018 and 2019.


Translation from: Lorena Brito.

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